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Medical malpractice

Most medical doctors, nurses and hospital personnel strive to provide competent care. Unfortunately, sometimes, certain medical providers will provide negligent medical care which causes serious injury or death. In rare instances, medical providers or their insurance carriers will agree to negotiate and settle a malpractice claim. Most times, a lawsuit must be filed to remedy a medical provider's wrongful conduct. In Oklahoma, a lawyer must review each case with a qualified physician who says the case is meritorious before the case can be filed in state court.

If you think that a medical provider wrongfully caused harm to you or a loved one, then contact Jose Gonzalez and Pamela Rogers for a free initial consultation. You should consider these questions if you believe that you or a loved one has suffered from medical malpractice:

1. Have you or a loved one suffered a severe, permanent injury or death while in the care of a medical professional or medical facility?

2. Was this injury more severe than would have been expected from the original disease or trauma for which you sought medical attention?

3. Has another physician or medical professional told you or a loved one that the medical care in question was inappropriate or that the outcome was unexpected?

4. Do you have serious doubts about the competency of the care you or a loved one received?

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