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Nursing home abuse and neglect

On June 20, 2004, the Daily Oklahoman questioned the nursing home industry lobbying for advance notice of inspections. The nursing home inspection system in Oklahoma is littered with scandal, according to the Oklahoman. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the nursing home inspection system in Oklahoma to make sure a nursing home is taking proper care of a loved one. Nursing home abuse and neglect can inflict serious harm and suffering upon the elderly and disabled.

1. Have you seen serious bed sores that never go away?

2. Have you seen open wounds on your loved one?

3. Have you seen bruises that were apparently caused by restraints?

4. Have you noticed sudden weight loss or signs of dehydration?

5. Have you seen signs of physical or sexual abuse of your loved one?

Contact Jose Gonzalez and Pamela Rogers for a free initial consultation about your concerns of neglect or abuse of your loved one at a nursing home.

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